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Combi Riviera from 1978 in rare condition.

For once, this bus comes straight from Utah.

This vintage van is equipped with the latest evolution of the famous Volkswagen air-cooled 4-cylinder engine. The famous type 4 injection with a displacement of 2 liters. Mated to the no less famous CP code gearbox, the one benefiting from the longest ratios. All this mechanics allows you to cruise in complete serenity and safety in current traffic.

As usual, we have revised all the running gear including the steering, brakes, suspensions and transmission. As well as electricity, lighting and signaling. The technical control is therefore valid.

Some of its bodywork panels received a veil of paint. But the previous owner preferred not to repaint those that did not need it, in order to keep as much of its famous OG paint as possible (original factory paint in 1978). But what about the like-new front floors, proof of the perfect condition of this VW combi.

We restored the front seats by changing the upholstery and installing TMI covers, faithful reproductions of the originals. As for the rear upholstery, we replaced the upper fabric of all the seats as well as that of the boot cushion, torn in several places, with orange imitation leather to match the combi.

We also created a small sink cabinet with pump and electric tap, containing two water reserves, one for drinking water and the second for gray water. We have chosen to fix it with butterfly screws in order to facilitate its removal if necessary from the loading space. The same applies to the small box which serves as a seat and storage, with its back to the driver’s seat, and which is fixed by 2 hooks to the floor.

The waterproof plastic canvas of the Riviera rising roof is in perfect condition and only a few tears in the mosquito nets are to be noted. The mechanism of this roof works perfectly and makes raising and lowering it effortless.

This combi riviera also benefits, cleverly concealed under the passenger side of the rising roof, from a practical awning protecting from the sun and also from 2 sliding side windows to guarantee a pleasant draft.

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Classic car title

Nombre de places

5 seats




L20B Brilliant Orange



Original Option

Auxiliary battery

Number of beds

4 beds


In very good shape


Type 4 2 liters injection


4-speed manual


Front discs with assistance and rear drums


Original rims, 14 inches in 5×112 mm and chrome hubcaps