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Combi Westfalia Campmobile from 1974 in exceptional condition.

During our last road trip in the United States we found this magnificent Westy having only had 2 owners before we acquired it. It had been stored under cover since its shutdown in 1995.

In rare original condition. It retains 100% of the metal from which its structure and its body were manufactured in 1974. Even the usually sensitive places on such a combi are like new: front floor, battery trays, rocker panels. It required NO sheet metal work.

A single watchword before it goes on sale: keep as much originality as possible.

We had the 2 sides repainted up to the level of the original stripes. Because the latter had received a veil of paint in the 90s but with a slight difference in color and with poor preparation. The front side too, which presented the traditional gravel impacts characteristic of American Freeways. And to coordinate everything, the bumpers have also received a veil of paint in their original color.

As for the interior, we restored the front seats with the greatest care (structure treated, repainted, new upholstery and upholstery). We also changed the curtains with new ones. Everything else is original and in perfect condition, except for a slight discoloration of the back fabrics.

All window seals, dating from its production, are in perfect condition and sealed. This proves that it was stored with great care.

The pop-up roof canvas has been replaced with a new one, as well as the roof seals.

Regarding its mechanical part, we took out the 1700cc type 4 engine in order to overhaul and adjust it. It turns perfectly and shows good health. We took the opportunity to replace the complete clutch. It also benefits from an electric fuel pump and electronic ignition.

Of course the running gear received the same attention with the inspection, repair and replacement of all the braking and steering components that required it.

The cabin hammock is supplied as well as the front cabin curtain, both original.

Currently fitted with 4 new Cosmics rims with 4 new tyres, if you prefer its original rims, all dated and matching we can have them repainted and fit 4 new tyres.

We still have to replace the windscreen, which has some impacts, as well as the veneer of the rear cabinet door and the finishing field of said cabinet.

This 1974 Westfalia Combi will of course be delivered with its 2 sets of original keys which work on all locks and the neiman.

Price: SOLD