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Bus Westfalia Campmobile from 1975 in perfect condition.

This magnificent combi, of which we have the original documentation given in July 1975 to its first owner in Waco, Texas, has been maintained with the greatest care.

It has received in its approximately 46 years of existence only a veil of paint in its original rare L65K Ravenna Green colour. Recently all body panel joints have been renewed and repainted. As well as the right rear light corner and the bottom of the two rear fenders. Proof of the great care taken by its last owner in Iowa.

This particular attention was also paid to the entire mechanical part, whether it be its engine or its running gear. Indeed the type 4 of 1800cc of origin equipped with its electronic injection works to perfection. As well as its gearbox, brakes and shock absorbers.

The canvas of the Westfalia pop-up roof was replaced a few years ago and looks like new apart from 2 small tears which have been carefully repaired. The upholstery of the front seats as well as that of the rear trunk mattress have been changed and present very well.

As for the rest of the upholstery, whether it’s the sofa bed, the extra stool or the empty pocket between the front seats: both are often absent. These pieces of furniture are covered with their specific period Westfalia fabrics and are in perfect condition. All the furniture including the sink and its electric pump tap, the fridge and the stove are in incredible condition. The gas connection of the latter has however been modified in order to supply it with very practical small bottles instead of the imposing tank under the chassis, which is still present.

The front door panels as well as the cabin carpet are new.

This Westfalia Campmobile combi is ready to hit the road like it was in July 1975!

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