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Combi Westfalia Campmobile from 1969 that we unearthed in one of the driest American states: New Mexico. This Van is available now in France.

The previous owner restored this superb Combi Westfalia by choosing a two-tone red and white color with the most beautiful effect.

He also had all of his upholstery redone by a saddler. We have recently taken care of renovating the upholstery of the front seats by changing the original identical covers as well as the trimmings.

Its westfalia interior equipment is complete including the 2-seater click-clac bed, the extra seat and the sink cooler cabinet. The roof canvas has been changed recently, it is in perfect condition. the child’s camp bed in the roof is functional. This bed adds a third berth in height once the roof is up.

The engine is in good health. Indeed it has been restored and fitted with a new carburettor giving it a pleasant vitality. We checked all running gear carefully. The chassis is sound and without perforating corrosion. This combi motorhome has its valid technical inspection.

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Classic car title

Nombre de places

6 seats


New Mexico


Chianti Red L31H and Pastel White L90D


Westfalia Campmobile

Original Option

Original hammock in the extension, Tailgate mosquito net, Cabin hammock

Number of beds

4 beds


In very good shape


1600cc double intake


4-speed manual


Front and rear drum brake


5×205 mm with chrome hubcaps