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Combi Westfalia Campmobile from 1970 originally from Colorado

We have replaced some sheet metal elements. Thus the corner of the right rear wing, the battery tray and the bottom of the body below the side door. So our bodybuilder had to repaint it. In view of the large number of white T2A Westfalia we decided, once is not custom, to change color. Following the vote on FaceBook: you have the result before your eyes: this very beautiful Velvet Green, color of the Volkswagen catalog in 1970.

Of course all seals have been replaced with new seals. The window seals as well as those of the side door, the tailgate and the windows of the front doors.

Once the bodywork aspect was settled, we got down to revising all of its mechanics. Engine, suspension, brakes, electrics, everything has been checked. The technical control is more than valid.

This is not a complete restoration for this westfalia combi however…

For the interior, we have chosen to keep as many original elements as possible, in order to keep its authenticity. This is particularly the case for the wooden floor and its linoleum. Previously we carefully cleaned the sheet metal floor of the chassis. Then we paid particular attention to the interior furniture and restored all of the front and rear upholstery. We replaced the mechanical water pump in the sink with an electric pump.

Nothing is missing from its equipment: the Saphire IX radio is present on the dashboard. The rare occasional stool is in its place between the buddy-seat and the sink-cooler cabinet. The tailgate screen is ready for those hot summer nights. On the key ring, with the VW initials and the original reference plate of the chassis number, there are 3 keys that work with all the doors and the neiman. Plus 2 keys for the optional engine hatch lock.

This shows the care taken by its previous owner in terms of preservation.

Finally you can view the presentation of the combi westfalia restoration in video“>video

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Additional information



Classic car title

Nombre de places

6 seats




L512 Velvet Green


Westfalia Campmobile

Original Option

Original hammock in the extension, Tailgate screen

Number of beds

4 beds including 1 toddler


In perfect condition


1600cc double intake


4-speed manual


Front and rear drum brake


5×205 mm with chrome hubcaps